Mar. 18th, 2017

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Ganon: I am pure power and rage incarnate! My fury is enormous, and so is my body!
Zelda: I am sixteen and innocent, and I will endure my captivity bravely.
Ganon: I come from a matriarchal culture and would never rape you, but I will touch you all I want.
Zelda: I don't know why I'm so aroused, what is going on, did I mention I'm only fifteen?
Ganon: I will now proceed to turn into a literal animal with a dick longer and thicker than your arm.
Zelda: I don't understand how that's physically possible, but I love you and my vagina is ready!!
Ganon: I am actually a sweet and sensitive person and not a monster at all. Surprise!
Zelda: As a fourteen-year-old woman, all I have ever wanted is to have your babies.

. . . . .

This seems like it would be a very specific fantasy, but... My fault for going on FFN, I guess.

I'm not here to judge people's sexytimes (although that is totally why I'm here), but I'm considering getting back into Ganlink, a true and pure pairing that I adored back in 2010, so much so that a dear friend created this delightful illustration for me...

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