Jan. 12th, 2017

pocketseizure: (Needs More Zelda)
Yesterday I posted the first chapter of my new Zelgan story, The Marriage of Lanayru. I've got most of the plot in my head, and I'm getting new ideas all the time. I'm not sure how this "short chapter" format is going to pan out, but I'm very excited!

I'm already thinking about finding an illustrator, so I sent out a message to an artist named Kathryn Layno (@denimcatfish on Tumblr) whose work is beyond phenomenal. Even if she doesn't get back to me or isn't interested in the project, I still fully intend to back her on her Patreon, because she does good work and deserves support.

As I watch both my writing and my art improve in tiny increments, what I'd like to do is to begin to draw more fan art of other people's stories and maybe work with artists on art/story mashups (wherein I write something for one of their drawings).

This year is just getting started, and it's important to remember that things take time. Although I still feel disheartened by the lack of a fandom community, I'm going to enjoy myself, allow my work progress naturally, and hopefully find and strengthen a few friendships along the way.


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